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LOAF seals donation agreement with SCJM

img The Love One Another Foundation, Inc. (LOAF) represented by its Founding Chairman Leo Alquiros and The Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary SCJM, represented by Sr. Swarna Fernando recently signed up a Memorandum of Agreement that will benefit the Triests children under the care of SCJM in Brgy. San Roque, Legazpi City during LOAF Familys spiritual travel to the Bicol area.

In consonance with the purpose of the foundation, LOAF will provide a monthly cash donation to SCJM that will be used to subsidize the needs of the beneficiaries. They have concurred that LOAF will not interfere in the management of SCJM Foundation other than the stipulation on how and where the cash donated be spent. Further, the donee may give report to the donor on the expenditures in so far as the cash donation is concerned. It was also agreed that LOAF will not, in any manner, use the name of SCJM in soliciting funds without the latters consent.

   The congregation of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary whose motto is One Heart and One Soul, was founded in Lovendegem, Belgium, by Fr. Peter Joseph Triest in 1803. The sisters were directed upon especially to the care of the poor, sick and afflicted. Fr. Triest asked them to reach out to those rejected by society and to educate the children and young people, as well as, to help young and old in their manifold needs so they may restore to people their human dignity. The sisters continue such works today and respond to various forms of needs, which arise in society. This is how they live by the Fr. Triests words: Sisters, you are called to be other Christs& proclaim the good news to the poor. When you give food to the hungry, care for the sick, educate the illiterate, restore the dignity to human beings you become another Christ.
LOAF kicks-off with "Dance for a Cause" 

img The LOVE ONE ANOTHER FOUNDATION INC. (LOAF) will be holding an event dubbed as "Saturday Night Fever Retro/Ballroom for a Cause" at Queen Margarette Hotel on October 26, 2013 at 6:00 o'clock in the evening. An inaugural fund-raising event, the retro party aims to generate more funds for the various feeding programs of the foundation.
LOAF's Kitchen-on-Wheels  A mythical phoenix rising to greater heights...

img Just like the mythical phoenix which rose from the ashes, the food mobile of the Love One Another Foundation Inc. (LOAF), now known as "Kitchen-on-Wheels, is the brainchild of its founder, Mr. Leo Alquiros. Having been to several remote places across the country and parts of the world in the course of carrying out various feeding programs, the idea of acquiring one food mobile came into his mind. Cognizant of the problems on how to prepare and bring along ready-to-eat hot meals to these impoverished communities, one "mobile" kitchen would be the best option. Instantly, a brilliant idea for the LOAF's mission came across.
LOAFoundation launches website

img The assigned system administrator will have complete control over the direction of the content of the web site and will be less dependant upon a web developer to make updates quickly. With minimal training (approximately 4 hours), LOAF members will be able to perform the above functions using a simple web-based browser. With minimum experience using MS Word and surfing the web will find using the CMS especially convenient for keeping the web site updated and current.


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